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Dev Note: 0002

Initial Game Direction Explained:

The Direction of the game is one of the most important parts of any design you do. Why? Well you will over time forget or get sidetracked in the direction you want to go in either by your following or your publisher' wish or even through your games marketability. So your initial design is very important so you understand where it all started and how you slowly built off that inspired idea you had while behind your desk or in the bathroom.

Initial Game Direction:

The main idea is to have players start the creating their "unique" race (Spore Concept) and be randomly placed on a planet that can support your new life form. You will start off as a one of the random begins on the planet and slowly help your race evolve. Your avatar will have the choice of either exploring the planet, trading with other towns, crafting and selling your items or experimenting with and learning technology. The game play will be very dynamitic. (Sandbox mmorpg to its finest, or SP game play). After building your house, town and cities, the end game part will bringing your race to the space age and exploring space, and talking with other players.

Game Break Down Explained:

The game break down is the method of explaining each stage of the game creation. There are many different methods of doing break downs, each developer will come up with their own method over time but I will explain my break down methods.

I will normally use weird terminology to explain what I want but when I bring the design to the team we will revise it and fix/modify anything that needs to be done; however this break down is basically for you to understand what you are aiming for. Its okie to overly explain things so you convoy your vision better. I usually tag things like so (001), it is easier to categorize things that way. I will explain the break downs in my next post.

If you have any questions you are welcomed to message me at any time! Thanks for reading!


Furanku (Fu)
United States
Just an every day person within the crowds. Exploring things that I probably shouldn't getting in trouble often. -_- I live in Boston, Ma and I am CGD

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